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This   is   My      Yarbrough   Family

I Have done the Genealogy for the Yarbrough Family. They are the descendents of Byram Franklin Yarbrough and Abby D Poor. They came from SC to Tenn to Miss to Texas. I have done the family down to Eight Generations. I have been able to connect the families together. I have Lots of photos, Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates, and land records, Census records also. I have got this down in Book Form Ready to put together for the families. Right now I am looking for Family members for three of the Original Children, They are: Benjamin Franklin Yarbrough, George w Yarbrough and Mary Delphia Yarbrough. would appreciate any help on these people. I also have some of the Genealogy of the AJ Pittman's from Missouri. They are on my Mother's side. there are also some links to these sites that are related to the Pittman's, would like any Info on them also. They lived in the Morrisville area. I am Looking for any family of Maude Yates also. she knew or was related to My GreatGrandmother Mary Pitman. She signed the Death Certificate for her in 1910 in Nevada Missouri. There are some Cunningham's in this family also, on my grandpa's side. The Yarbrough's are some of the original folks that came From England to South Carolina to Miss to Tenn, just before Oklahoma became a state. They were land owners that were forced to sell and move to Oklahoma with their slaves. The Cunningham's were from Scotland and they moved to Kentucky. The Pittmans came over on the mayflower. If want Pittman Information contact me or the links below.

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Yarbrough Board:
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